Betting on the 2018 Winter Olympics

Every four years, sports bettors have an opportunity to supplement their wintertime betting action with sports such as ice skating, downhill skiing and curling when the More »

Using Fantasy Football to Bet on NFL Player Props

Betting on NFL props continues to grow in popularity as more and more of the top sportsbooks
in the online sports betting industry offer up a wide variety of prop bet options, More »

Making the Most of the Fall Betting Season as a Private Bookie

The last few days of summer give way to a fall sports betting season that is jam-packed with golden opportunities to build your overall bottom line profits as an independent sports bookmaker. More »

Finding Value in College Football

To all gamblers out there, the time is now. Its college football season. Have you thought about which teams offer value for the money? Don’t make the mistake of wildly laying your More »

Betting Preseason Football

Last week I talked about how the House comes up with a pointspread and what it represents. Preseason football is the first opportunity we have to bet pointspreads each year (in the More »


Betting Football Teasers

Football Teasers are a popular bet among sports bettors, and can be a profitable vehicle—if used in the right manner. First, let’s go over what teasers are, and the odds that reputable bookmakers give their clients.

A teaser is a 2-team (or more) proposition bet where a player selects multiple teams and is given a certain amount of bonus points to add to the final score of each game he … Read the rest

Betting Preseason Football

Last week I talked about how the House comes up with a pointspread and what it represents. Preseason football is the first opportunity we have to bet pointspreads each year (in the bookmaking world, your year starts in August) so naturally that is the topic for this week.

Unlike college football where there is no preseason, the pros play four or five games to work out the kinks before the … Read the rest

Baseball Betting Lines

Baseball betting lines can be a little difficult to understand at first. To start off, you have to find a match-up that you feel is enticing. You know everything about the sports so finding a good match-up will not be that difficult.

Lets say you find the Cubs playing the Reds in the morning game. It is Wood against Reitisma and you know that the Cubs should destroy them. You … Read the rest

Betting Preseason Football

The football season is just around the corner and there are a number of strategies for betting preseason football that have proven to be profitable over the course of the last decade or so, since the league switched to their current four game exhibition schedule.

Betting on the NFL in August is a completely different exercise than betting on the same sport a month later. Outlined below are many of … Read the rest

Bet On World Series

by Staff Writer

Bet on World Series games and start to see your bankroll increase. These games offer the bettor some of the best lines that they will see all year. Plus, there are several proposition bets that could give you a huge payday.

Click Here for Our Recommended Site to Bet on the World Series!See More Green When You Bet On World Series Games
All gamblers should know that … Read the rest

Pick the right book

If you drive a Ford you wouldn’t take it to the Ferrari dealer for service. If you bet $5 a game, you AND the book will be unhappy if you join a book that caters to players who wager $5000 a game.

The most important factor to choosing a Sportsbook must first be the quality of the Sportsbook. There are simply too many cases where a player unknowingly … Read the rest

Baseball Betting Percentages

Baseball is a game of figures. America’s pastime is enshrined in numbers, records and statistics. In the current era, there are thirty teams and 2,430 contests scheduled during the regular season. With this massive sample size of games, baseball presents more opportunities for the gambler than any other major sport.

But to fully exploit these opportunities, one needs to have a proper understanding of the relationship between money lines (the … Read the rest

College Bets

by Staff Writer
There has been a lot of controversy around placing college bets. Some people feel college athletes are too prone to points-shaving scandals. In any case, for now, college bets are still legal, and, in my opinion, pretty exciting. Placing bets on college football, basketball and baseball games is an exciting way to keep up with college athletics.

Click Here For Our Recommended Resource for Online Wagering!In a … Read the rest


You’ve gotta have people to bet with, right? So this week we move from just football specifically and offer:

1) “Do I need more than one bookie?”

Technically the answer is no, but practically the answer is “Yes, absolutely!”.

The primary advantage to having several bookies (or “books” or “outs” as they’re called) is that you will often get different lines on a football game to … Read the rest

The Ten Commandments for Betting the Bowls

by Andrew Iskoe of Logical Approach

Several millennia ago, according to theological scholars, an event took place that has shaped mankind up to this very day. It seems one of the leaders of the people in that long ago time was summoned to the summit of a mountain where he was miraculously handed some tablets from an unknown source. There was no videotaping equipment in that day, nor other technologically … Read the rest