Finding Value in College Football

NCAA betting

To all gamblers out there, the time is now. Its college football season. Have you thought about which teams offer value for the money? Don’t make the mistake of wildly laying your hard-earned money on a team that “looks good”. Do not go with your gut. Take some time and do a little research this year. It will pay off huge in the end.

First and foremost, follow our step by step guide to find a solid sportsbook that works for you and meets your gaming needs. We have created a checklist for you to consider before depositing this year. Check it out.

  • Did your sportsbook pay you and pay you quickly?
  • What about deposit options, are they easy and convenient?
  • Do they have top of the line, friendly and efficient customer service?
  • Do they offer great bonuses that won’t kill you with unreasonable roll overs?
  • What about freebies, such as contests or rewards, do they offer any and are they really free?

Make sure that you are dialed in this year and double check that your sportsbook makes the grade. Smart gamblers have more than one book in their back pocket. There are several great sportsbooks online today and with so many choices you probably have nowhere near the time that it would take to do proper research.

We have done the research for you and have come up with some of the most reliable and honest bookie in the business. With Americas Bookie, you can rest assured that you will get paid and paid quickly when you win. They offer one free payout every 7 days, and pay out the same day or next day. This is not industry standard. Americas Bookie goes above and beyond the call of duty. Check them out, you can’t go wrong.

Second, find an online service that can help you find value when picking what teams to bet on this year. It becomes extremely old losing money year after year on football, Sure it’s fun to have the action, but it sure is a lot more fun to win. You play to win, you want to win and your ultimate goal is to win a ton of money. Somebody is getting rich; why shouldn’t it be you?

If you are like most people, you probably have a busy life and many responsibilities. You probably have almost no extra time for researching who the best teams are and who you should bet on. Leave this worry to professionals, leave it to people who actually do this for a living.

It cost very little to pay for this kind of advice and it pays huge dividends. Stop beating your head against a brick wall; stop losing. This is what you do for fun and you spend a lot of money doing it. Don’t continue making the sportsbooks richer.

There is nothing wrong with paying for football pics. A smart gambler will absolutely pay for pics. What would you rather do, not pay for pics and win around 45% of the time or pay professionals who know football like the back of their hand and win 70% of the time. The choice is obvious. Make this a winning year and most of all have fun. Check out Americas Bookie.

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