Making the Most of the Fall Betting Season as a Private Bookie

The last few days of summer give way to a fall sports betting season that is jam-packed with golden opportunities to build your overall bottom line profits as an independent sports bookmaker. Too many private bookies get so wrapped up in college football and the NFL that they tend to lose sight with everything else that is going on this time of year.

There is no doubt that football is the bread and butter sport of anyone who books sports bets, but you could be leaving quite a bit of money on the table if this is the only thing you are focused on right now. There are quite a few bettors who are still looking to cash in on MLB betting action with the start of the playoffs right around the corner. After a long and drawn out 162-game regular season, sports bettors are looking for the extra action that elimination MLB games bring to the table when the playoffs finally do begin. Even in the closing weeks of the regular season there are going to be games have the potential to bring in some extra profits when it comes to crucial series matchups between contending teams still fighting for a division title or wildcard spot.

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Make sure to fill your betting board with baseball futures as well as team and player props in conjunction with the upcoming MLB playoffs. Futures and props for any sport are a very easy and popular way to expand your betting activity beyond the games themselves. The most important aspect of making some extra profits on these types of bets is to get the word out to your entire customer base that your bookmaking service is truly a one-stop shop for betting on anything that has to do with MLB action this time of the year.

Another betting opportunity that tends to fall through the cracks with private bookies during the start of football season are any number of odds for futures and props for the upcoming seasons in both the NBA and the NHL. Both of these sports have avid bettors that are chomping at the bit for a new season to begin later this fall. Just like NFL bettors jump all over betting futures and props in the weeks leading up to opening day, you should be able to take in quite a bit of business on the same types of betting options for both basketball and hockey this time of the year.

The main thing that you need when it comes to expanding out your betting board with everything that is going on right now is better control of all the daily action coming in. This is where a quality Pay Per Head service is worth every penny they charge as long as they have the right sportsbook software solutions to properly track and monitor betting activity on an account by account basis. You should also have the ability to set up individual account profiles for each of your betting customers with the added capability of putting certain credit and betting limits in place as an added measure of control. The last thing you want to generate is any negative exposure that can have an adverse impact on your cash flow and bottom-line profit.

There is no reason why private bookies cannot level the playing field with the big offshore sportsbooks operating online with the help of a good pay per head service. You never want to give even one of your sports betting customers a reason to look elsewhere to place a bet, so building out your board with every available betting opportunity makes good business sense all year long.

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