Pick the right book

If you drive a Ford you wouldn’t take it to the Ferrari dealer for service. If you bet $5 a game, you AND the book will be unhappy if you join a book that caters to players who wager $5000 a game.

The most important factor to choosing a Sportsbook must first be the quality of the Sportsbook. There are simply too many cases where a player unknowingly joined a Sportsbook by way of some special hook usually a bonus or improved odds then goes on the roll of a lifetime, only later to learn the Sportsbook has stopped paying its customers.

Make sure the book you select has limits suitable to your style of play.

Make sure the book you join offers the sports you like to play. If your a baseball player find a book with .10 lines such as VIP, Intertops, Pinnacle, Gameday and WWTS.

Care for an occasional game of blackjack or craps? Then by all means find a book that doesn’t require you to log in to the casino or transfer funds. VIP comes to mind and they have a great casino with $1 minimums.

The Bonus – for those of you who skipped straight down to here shame on you. All of the books listed on Sportsbook Review pay a handsome bonus with the exception of WWTS which specializes in larger players and simply doesn’t have to pay much of a bonus.

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