Using Fantasy Football to Bet on NFL Player Props

Betting on NFL props continues to grow in popularity as more and more of the top sportsbooks
in the online sports betting industry offer up a wide variety of prop bet options, especially when it
comes to wagering on a particular player’s performance. While most sports bettors are dialed
into player props on a season-long basis such as most passing yards by a quarterback or how
many sacks a top defensive linemen or linebacker will post this year. The best opportunity to
garner the biggest return on investment actually lies in the player props that are released for
each individual game.

The popularity of fantasy football continues to go through the roof and it is hard to turn on any
sports channel during football season without hearing something about which players you
should have in or out of your lineup for that week’s games. Just like there are expert football
handicappers all over the nation breaking down the games, there are dozens of fantasy football
experts breaking down the potential performance of the key skill players that will have the
biggest impact on the outcome of those same games.

The main concept behind fantasy football is earning points for what a particular player does on
the field. Yards gained, first downs and scores are all factored into the equation for the skill
players on offense, while a defense as a whole can earn points for what it does on the field.
Even the kickers get into the mix with points awarded for field goals and extra points on

The basic roll of anyone who considers themselves a fantasy football expert is to determine
which players have the best chance to earn the most points based on that week’s matchup.
They also dig deep into the stats, facts and trends to determine which players you should
probably take out of your lineup because of an unfavorable matchup in that week’s game. This
sounds quite a bit like handicapping in my book, but instead of trying to come up with which
team wins a game, fantasy football experts are looking to come up with which players will have
the biggest impact on the actual outcome.

With such a wealth of information out there for picking your fantasy lineup, it becomes pretty
easy to find some common threads among the top fantasy experts. If’s Michael
Fabiano and ESPN’s Matthew Berry are both high on Aaron Rodgers’ chances to put up some
big numbers in that Sunday’s game against Chicago, you might want to take a closer look at
your favorite sportsbook’s player prop odds for the “over/under” on his total passing yards and
total touchdown throws.

The main thing you want to take away from all the noise that is out there surrounding fantasy
football projections is a consensus of opinion on a particular player, which is sometimes hard to
do. Just because someone tries and position themselves as a fantasy football subject matter
expert does not necessarily mean they really are one. You need to find a few reliable sources
that have already proven that they know what they are talking about when it comes to fantasy
player projections.

Once you create your panel of fantasy experts the next step is to look for a consensus of
opinion about a particular player’s potential in their upcoming game. There is no substitute for
doing your own homework when it comes to placing any bet in sports, but there is some validity
to using all of the information generated by fantasy football to your advantage when it does
come to placing bets on NFL player props.

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